About Us

The beginning of our story

The Scent Company is an Irish, family-owned company with a truly international outlook. Since its creation in 2012, The Scent Company has been driven by a desire for excellence. Inspired by the fragrant markets of Hong Kong and Dubai, Founder and Managing Director Eoghan McMahon, envisioned how brands could create emotionally driven experiences through smell.

From Bulgarian rose to East Indian sandalwood, olfactory communication is uniquely connected to our internal state of conscience, emotion and memory. Scent is highly emotive and can help amplify perceptions by creating a lasting impression that stays with us long after the smell has vanished.

Exclusivity, creativity and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. Crafted to exacting standards we create custom fragrances that capture the essence and personality of a brand, thus establishing an olfactory identity. Once formulated, this exclusive scent can be professionally diffused within a space and extended to bespoke branded products to expand brand reach and create additional revenues.



Scent Branding Expertise
Ireland's leading olfactory branding consultancy providing guidance and insight as to how to tell your brand story through scent. We provide the best advice in selecting the right fragrance and scenting solution for your business and offer the widest variety of scent delivery systems and technologies.

100% Pure Ingredients
Safe perfume-grade fragrances and scented products are developed in accordance to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) code of conduct and are free from all toxins.

Cutting Edge Technology
Our professional ‘cold-air’ fragrance diffuser systems are tailor-made for each and every space and deliver a consistent and effective scenting experience.

Complimentary Scenting Trial
A complimentary scenting trial can be scheduled at your premises once a scent has been selected and a site assessment has been completed.