Custom Candles

Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs

Custom branded products provide the potential to create a direct, tangible connection between a brand and its consumers and are a great way for brands to make a emotional connections with its customers.

Scent is a powerful brand language that creates lasting memories and with custom scented candles you can create a one of kind product that is truly unique to your brand. Custom scented candles can be used to extend retail opportunities, offered as seasonal gifts (Christmas, Mother's Day), acknowledge valued clients, appreciation tokens for employees or as unique gift ideas for events.

Our customization process starts with the initial consultation where we will learn about your business, your goal for the custom product and the scents that are consistent with your brand to create a unique line of custom scented scented candles.

With our scented candles we provide:

  • Personalized branding and packaging.
  • High quality soy blend wax and fine fragrance.
  • Available in various sizes.

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"Customer engagement must go beyond simple visuals and engage other senses as well."
The Scent Company, Dublin