Fragrance Development

Connecting brands with customers


The Scent Company creates custom blended signature scents for brands looking to develop deeper emotional connections with their customers. Custom scents that become part of the brand's identity help to enhance perception of the brand, deepen brand loyalty and improve customer experience.

We help translate a brand’s essence into a scent identity resulting in a distinct fragrance which is uniquely identifiable with the brand. Through our brand-led creation process we work closely with clients to offer a seamless experience which revolves around an in-depth understanding brand, fragrance and scent delivery technologies.

Whether you are looking for a custom scent for your hotel, airline, retail store, automotive brand, event or luxury property development, our team of highly qualified scenting experts will create a one of kind signature scent for your brand.

Once the custom fragrance has been selected you will be provided with a certificate of exclusivity. In addition the scent identity can also be translated into custom scented products like candles, room amenities and corporate gifts.

"Smell is the most influential sense over the decisions people make and their moods."
Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense