Fragrance Experts

Supplying quality fragrance and professional scent machines


As fragrance experts we understand how integral scent can be to brand identity. When smell is combined with other marketing cues, it can amplify a brand experience and establish a long lasting connection with consumers. Drawing upon years of experience we provide quality fragrances, market leading scent machines and friendly customer service.

Before commencing a scenting assignment our scent experts strive to thoroughly understand the attributes and personality of a brand. This insight helps us develop an effective scent strategy in line with our client’s sensory branding objectives.

Various scents can encourage different behaviours and emotions making it crucial to choose the right scent to capture a brand’s essence. We offer an extensive portfolio of fragrances each designed for accentuating a branded space and communicating desired experiences.

All our fragrances are developed in accordance to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) code of conduct, while our luxury products are formulated using only the purest essential oils.

The effective use of scent is probably the single most cost-effective intervention that brands could deliver when it comes to enhancing their multi-sensory branding strategy.