Multi-Sensory Marketing Is Big Business

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Stella Artois Sensorium


Brands are now utilizing all senses to engage with their customers and develop emotional connections. When targeting Millenials, who according to a recent study by Oxford University, prefer experiences that stimulate their sense, using Multi-Sensory techniques becomes imparative.

This article by Event Marketer looks at five brands leveraging multi-sensory marketing strategies in a very creative ways.

A standout is the brand Stella, who we think capitalized greatly on the “Sensorium” trend – a new trend in branded and artistic endavour that brands are employing. The article describes how the brand launched the Stella Artois Sensorium – a project two years in the making designed to challange the attendees sense of taste, sight, smell, sound and touch from start to finish. You can read full details of the article here.

Smell is closely linked with memory and more so than any other sense. Often happening spontaneuosly, smell can trigger recollections of particular memories. According to Scent World, research shows that marketing that uses a sense of smell is exponentially more effective than visual presentation.

The Scent Company can create unique brand scents and supply professional environmental fragrancing solutions and providing cutting-edge diffusion technology to specific client requirements, assisting brands to enhance their multi-sensory marketing strategies.

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