Our Approach

Our goal is to provide the best solution based on your business needs


Brand Assessment
Our scenting experts conduct an in-depth brand assessment to ascertain a specific fragrance direction for the brand.

Facility Survey & System Design
We evaluate the environment type to be scented and identify the areas that will have the most impact on the preferred target audience. We will present recommendations for the most effective system for your location.

Sample Fragrance Development & Scent Consultation
A carefully-crafted ‘brand fragrance’ brief is developed and acts as a basis for our international perfumers to select fragrances for each client. Distinctive hand-blended fragrance samples are presented to the client for review and comment.

Fragrance Production
Large scale production can commence at our IFRA accredited perfume house once the preferred fragrance sample has selected by the client.

Technical Installation
Installation of scent diffusion machines is carried out and we will conduct scent mapping to assess the user experience.

"As fragrance specialists we understand how integral scent can be to brand identity. Our goal is to provide the best solution for your business."

The Scent Company, Dublin