What Is Scenting?

Redefining brand engagement


Scenting is a unique and powerful form of sensory branding that offers companies the opportunity to differentiate their brand and establish an emotional connection with consumers.

Out of the five senses, the sense of smell is the strongest and is linked the closest to emotions and memory. Scent stimulates the emotional cortex of the brain triggering emotions that form a unique bond, significantly transforming how one feels about a brand or experience.

Studies show that when evaluating brands, people primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences) rather than information (brand features and facts). Positive emotions towards a brand have far greater influence on loyalty than trust and other judgement which are based on a brand’s attributes.

By going beyond the traditional sensory cues of sight and sound, brands are now taking advantage of the sense of smell to establish a stronger and longer-lasting emotional connection with consumers. This multi-sensory branding strategy appeals to multiple senses creating powerful brands with lasting consumer connections.

"Smell is the most influential sense over the decisions people make and their moods."

Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense