Retail Ambient Scenting

Ambient Scenting: Six Scents To Enhance In-store Retail Experience

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In the current ‘Experience Economy’ businesses need to create memorable experiences for their customers in order to stand out. We are seeing the traditional physical retail spaces adapting to changing shopping habits and finding new methods of engaging with their customers. Good retailers know that in order to create memorable experiences they need to provide […]

Popular Scents for Hotels

Top Five Scents for Hotels

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Hotels strive to create unique guest experiences that will leave lasting memories for their guests to not only strengthens brand loyalty but to also produce repeat guests. As such, the most defining aspect of a hotel experience is how guests feel during their stay and what they remember about their visit long after they have […]

Why Emotional Connections Matter

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Customers are bombarded from every direction with marketing messages; to such an extent that consumers can tend to become a bit oblivious to them. Brands looking to differentiate themselves must focus on delivering sensory appeal as it is no longer what the brand looks like; but what does it feel like. This translates into the […]

Stella Artois Sensorium

Multi-Sensory Marketing Is Big Business

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  Brands are now utilizing all senses to engage with their customers and develop emotional connections. When targeting Millenials, who according to a recent study by Oxford University, prefer experiences that stimulate their sense, using Multi-Sensory techniques becomes imparative. This article by Event Marketer looks at five brands leveraging multi-sensory marketing strategies in a very […]