Tailor-made Reed Diffusers

Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs


Reed diffusers are a popular and effective way to gently scent spaces. They offer a cost effective option for branded corporate gifts, providing tangible engagement with your brand. Our reed diffusers can be branded with your company name or corporate message for increased brand awareness.

Through our luxury fragrance, the tactile feel of a valued physical item and the appropriate corporate branding your target audience will continue to use and associate your brand with a well-chosen gift that will continue to convey your message long after other forms of marketing have been forgotten.

With our luxury Reed Diffuser we provide:

  • Personalized branding and packaging in a high quality box.
  • High quality fine fragrance.
  • 200ml round glass reed diffuser bottle.
  • 5mm thick reeds in our reed diffusers.

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The concept behind brand loyalty involves stimulating as many of the customer’s five senses as you can.