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    Enriching brand & interior experience through scent

We are a sensory branding company dedicated to transforming hotel, retail, office and event spaces into memorable environments for customers, clients and employees.



The Scent Company is Ireland's leading olfactory branding consultancy. Imagined on a unique and exciting approach to emotional branding and environmental design, we envisioned how brands could create emotionally driven experiences through smell.

Olfactory communication is uniquely connected to our internal state of conscience, emotion and memory. It can help amplify perceptions by creating lasting impressions that stay with us long after the smell has vanished. Crafted to exacting standards our fragrances pave the way to the most diverse experiences.





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Our Approach

By integrating scent as a pillar of brand identity a powerful connection between emotion, memory, and mood is formed creating a lasting impression


We listen to your needs, learn about your audience, and identify what people love about your business.


We design a unique 'scent identity' to amplify the essence of your brand and build brand devotion.


We can diffuse your chosen fragrance within any space & extended it to​ a range of​ custom-made products.


Sensory Insights

Latest fragrance design & interior branding news


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Stimulating The Senses Always

Fragrance Development




Scented Products


Olfactory Architectures

We specialise in establishing 'scent identities' for each and every industry to create memorable arrival experiences, invigorate spaces and transform communal areas

Hospitality Interior Branding

Creating unique guest experiences that leave powerful and lasting impressions with the use of our professional scenting solutions, Increase guest satisfaction and boost loyalty.

Retail Interior Branding

We work with leading brands to improve the in-store customer experience; engaging customer’s senses to create memorable experiences and emotional connections.

Workplace Interior Branding

Companies wanting to inspire and stimulate their employees understand that workplace surroundings can have a direct effect on employee creativity.

Event & Exhibition Branding

Working closely with event planners and experiential agencies, our scenting solutions can be customized for fashion shows, experiential events, music festivals, exhibitions and weddings.


Create your signature interior experience

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Trusted by industry leading brands

Monart Spa
Signature Scent Creation

Castleknock Hotel
Guest Room Arrival Spray

Bicester Village UK
Christmas Retail Scenting

Atrium Dublin
In-store Custom Scenting

Faithlegg House
Guest Room Arrival Spray

Conrad Dublin
Custom Product Creation

Kildare Village
Visitor Centre Scenting

Glenview Hotel
Health Club Scenting