• Redefining Brand Engagement

Creating emotionally driven customer experiences

The Scent Company supplies scenting solutions and professional electronic scent diffuser machines to brands seeking to build engagement by connecting with people at a sensory level. Our purpose is to create emotionally driven customer experiences by associating brands with a fragrance that will be cherished and remembered.

Leading brands in retail, hospitality, banking, leisure and healthcare are employing fragrance to help enhance brand experience and customer loyalty. With over 75% of emotions triggered by smell this unique approach can change perceptions, making experiences more enjoyable, more emotional and more memorable.


Why Use Scenting?

Differentiate your brand by establishing an emotional connection with your customers.

Who Is Scenting?

Scenting is synonymous with international brands in various sectors.

Why Choose Us?

As olfactory specialists we understand how integral scent is to brand identity.

Scent solutions for every industry

Discover how scent can help differentiate your brand.


Delivering memorable guest experiences


Enhancing in-store retail experience


Creating a better banking experience


Creating an inspired work environment


Improving patient and visitor experience


Enhancing brand and customer experience

Real Estate

Creating a sense of luxury and quality


Enhancing the customer journey

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