• Crafting Emotional Connections

Crafting Emotional Connections

The Scent Company is Ireland’s leading emotional branding consultancy, creating bespoke scenting solutions and supplying professional fragrance diffuser systems to brands seeking to build engagement by connecting with people at a sensory level. Our purpose is to help brands create emotionally driven customer experiences through scent that will be cherished and remembered.

Leading brands in retail, hospitality, banking, leisure and healthcare are employing fragrance to help enhance brand experience and customer loyalty. With over 75% of emotions triggered by smell this unique approach can change perceptions, making experiences more enjoyable, more emotional and more memorable.


Benefits of Scenting

Differentiate your brand by establishing an emotional connection with your customers.

Who Is Scenting?

Scenting is synonymous with international brands in various sectors.

Why Choose Us?

As olfactory specialists we understand how integral scent is to brand identity.

Scenting solutions for every industry

We bring heart and soul to brands seeking to build engagement by connecting with people at an emotional level. Our scenting solutions have been carefully crafted based on the physiological and psychological effects of smell to help brands create experiences that people will cherish.


Designed to impart specific emotions to create positive and energizing environments.


Based on establishing ‘feelings’ to create emotionally driven customer experiences.


Creating enduring and powerful impressions for truly unforgettable experiences.

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