• Olfactory Branding Crafting experiences through scent

  • Scenting For Retail Entice and engage customers

  • Scenting For Hospitality Create memorable guest experiences

  • Scenting For Workplace Stimulate clients and colleagues

Crafting unique emotional experiences for our clients and their customers with inspired custom-made scent.



Since its creation, The Scent Company has been driven by a desire for excellence. Imagined on a unique and exciting approach to emotional branding and environmental design, we envisioned how brands could create emotionally driven experiences through smell.

Olfactory communication is uniquely connected to our internal state of conscience, emotion and memory. Scent is highly emotive and can help amplify perceptions by creating a lasting impression that stays with us long after the smell has vanished. Crafted to exacting standards our fragrances pave the way to the most diverse experiences.


Stimulating the senses

Fragrance Development


Scent Diffusers


Scented Products


Scenting solutions for every industry

We bring heart and soul to brands seeking to build engagement by connecting with people at an emotional level. Our scenting solutions have been carefully crafted based on the physiological and psychological effects of smell to help brands create experiences that people will cherish.


Designed to impart specific emotions to create positive and energizing environments.


Based on establishing ‘feelings’ to create emotionally driven customer experiences.


Creating enduring and powerful impressions for truly unforgettable experiences.